Pump it Up Fiesta (also titled 2010 Fiesta and the newer 2011 Fiesta EX) are popular coin operated video arcade dance machines. Fiesta 2010 is the 22nd arcade game release in the Pump It Up series, released in Mexico on March 6, 2010, and in January 2011, Andamiro Entertainment released the 23rd iteration of the PIU series, "Pump It Up Fiesta EX". Fiesta's theme is a celebration of the Pump It Up series - The new Fiesta EX software features over 350 songs with more than 2,000 step charts and 30+ new songs including some of the latest K-POP songs and new originals along with revived, revamped all-time classics. The new Fiesta EX boasts an innovative dual interface system that allows for improved personalized customization options that is easily accessible to all level of players. In addition, Fiesta EX features enhanced upgrade Quest World and Rush Mode. Rush mode is a returning pump feature that allows players to increase intensity and speed by controlling the velocity configurations.



Mediafire | 250 MB | pass : picpamp

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Meidyan mengatakan...

Kok Temanya Palsu Ya Gan?

Anonim mengatakan...

Kagak bisa di download. Pass-nya tuh apa gw jga bingung ...

Anonim mengatakan...

abis di download cara installnya bagaimana please answer


Ian Gruner mengatakan...

Hey bro!! The links in there are not working.. Media Share deleted the files :S .. Can you please upload again?? Thanks :)

Greetings from Brazil, btw. Haha.

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